About Us

Emet Global Professional Institute (EPI) caters to individuals and businesses by providing career, business, self, and continuing education courses that help develop the mind, character, and skill-set of those looking to achieve success in different areas of their life, business, or career.

New business owners are able to take courses to help them enhance their knowledge and skills in business start-ups. We offer numerous industry-specific courses to aid entrepreneurs and business owners in the start-up process from concept to formation and from formation to operation. We offer many courses that cater to the management and leadership of others within different industries and organizations that may be struggling with performance and production, team building, operation management or lack the leadership skills and ability required to be successful in their position.

Individuals looking to grow within their careers find that our courses are ideal for helping them to develop the skills, attitude, and knowledge required to achieve or maintain their career goals. Most individuals get overlooked or past-up because they lack what we like to call an “undeniable skill-set”. The ability to be so great in one thing, they’re then undeniable to everyone, they cannot be overlooked or disregarded.

Personal growth and self-development are important when trying to achieve internal happiness, fulfillment, and wholeness. This level of achievement shows up in the world as confident, admirable, inspiring, happy, and positive, and that’s just naming a few.

Our courses help to build, shape, mold, and define character. A person’s attitude towards life and others is greatly influenced by their character. We cannot change who you are but we can help to influence you to operate in the best version of who you are by providing the skills and development to bring out, nurture, and maintain those traits. A person may not be the best parent in the world or even in their family but that person has the ability to be the best parent they can be. Our goal is to help individuals be the best they can be in different areas of their lives. Upon taking one of our self-development or self-improvement courses, individuals are left with the tools, resources, and key fundamental skills to improve and develop at their fullest potential in those areas effectively.

Promotion and recognitions are a part of the journey and the needle that one uses to measure career incline. Moving this needle forward is important to anyone who’s passionate about their career. When a person gets a promotion especially, it is the ultimate validation that their hard work has paid off and it validates their skills, knowledge, expertise, and professional qualification. Ongoing career coaching, training, and development will help individuals earn upward movement towards promotions and achievement within their organization. Some people are even able to advance into other roles and organizations because of their new or developed skillsets, knowledge, and attitude.