Business Course in Departmentalization

A business without structure is destined to crumble after a storm.

Course Summary

This course is packed with tools, resources, and key fundamentals to help any size business set up departments within their organization (Organizational Departmentalization). One of the reasons why some businesses fail within their first few years is that they were unable to identify the needs, cost, budget, and structure of their organization. Being able to identify each department, its goals and the role that department plays in the mission of the company is a big deal. It also helps the organization identify better the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of each department and take proper action. Being able to place people where they are stronger is a result of departmentalizing.

Course Overview

Upon completion of this course, individuals will be able to formulate and structure a hierarchy chart and departmentalize the organization based on the industry and the needs of the company. Understand the basic setup of the organization boards and offices as well as the background and role human resources play within the process and maintenance of departmentalizing.

  • Course Details
  • Course level- Intermediate
  • Course Length- 2 Weeks
  • Course Cost $199
  • Delivery Method- Online Classroom and Live Seminar
  • Completion- Certificate of Completion (Printable)
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