Marketing Plan Course

Course Summary

Every organization should have well-written marketing. This course helps small and startup business owners and entrepreneurs in the development of a solid marketing plan. Students will gain insight and knowledge of the necessary content of a successful marketing plan. The course is packed with useful tools, resources, and information that can be applied even way beyond the initial marketing development stage. Those without a business vision, mission, or brand will have a good foundation to start if not develop those areas within the first couple days of the course.

Course Overview

Upon completion of this course, students would have completed a sample marketing plan or the first draft of a business marketing plan. Students will be able to create a marketing checklist, mission statement, vision, slogan, know their target market, understand marketing campaigns, budgets, and marketing channels. Students will be privy to different marketing approaches, letters, and proposals.

Course Details

Course Length- 3 Weeks

Course level- Intermediate

Course Cost $299

Course Delivery- Online Classes and Live Seminar

Completion- Certificate of Completion and Marketing Plan Template

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