New Business Set-Up Course

Course Overview

The new business setup course is for those who are operating or starting a business. The course is designed to help business owner and entrepreneur understands the steps to set up and establish their new business. Whether you are starting a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, or going into partnership with someone, this course will help to get you on the right track by providing you the tools, resources, steps, and understanding of the pros and cons for selecting one of the above entities to define your business.

Course Overview

Those sitting the course will get an in-depth understanding of the business structure and the ability to decide how to structure their business be it LLC, Corporation, etc. Candidates will also learn the key fundamentals of EIN not just establishing one but also understanding the various use of EIN’s. Business registration, incorporation, licensing, and legal status are all a part of this course. Upon completion of the course, participants will walk away with a full understanding of the steps required to establish and set up a small business if they have not already taken those key steps during the course, they will be equipped to do so immediately.

This course is ideal for someone who is starting their business with minimal funding to put towards hiring a consultant to coach them through the steps to take. The course is also ideal for someone who chooses to do the majority of the start-up process themselves in order to save thousands of dollars in fees associated with paying a business professional.

Course Details

  • Course Length- 4 Weeks
  • Course Cost- $249
  • Delivery Method- Online Classroom and Live Webinars
  • Completion- Certificate of Completion (Printable)
  • Requirements- Complete Sign-Up Form (select group or single sign-up form after clicking below)