Product and Business Branding Course

Course Summary

Our product and business branding courses are great for new and small businesses who are wanting to develop and promote a brand for their business or product. Individuals taking the course are able to gain a more profound understanding of what makes up a brand and the major difference between branding and marketing.

Course Overview

Students are able to follow along in creating either a concept of a mock brand or creating the actual brand for their business or product. The course gives an in-depth look at what makes the connection between brand and customer. Upon discovering and identifying a brand, the students are then able to demonstrate and carry out the action steps required to build that brand thus activating “branding”.

Course Details

  • Course level- Beginners to Intermediate
  • Course Length- 4 Weeks
  • Course Cost- $249
  • Delivery Method- Online Classroom and Live Webinars
  • Completion- Certificate of Completion (Printable)
  • Requirements- Complete Sign-Up Form (select group or single sign-up form after clicking below)