Product and Business Marketing Course

Learn to get your company te spot and the look it truly deserves!

Course Summary

Unlike marketing which focuses on products only, this course will help candidates gain an understanding of how to market their products and their business. This is an ideal course for start-ups and small businesses wanting to grow and increase their presence online or within the community. Students are able to walk away with a better understanding of identifying their target market and what it will take to attract and attain customers.

Course Overview

The course goes a little more in-depth to teach the key fundamentals of marketing channels, lead generation, client or customer acquisition, conversion, and marketing best practices. Students will learn the different types of marketing and the best approach to marketing for new businesses. Participants will be able to apply methods and processes as they take the course or apply them once their business is up and running. The course gives full insight on 7 different channels to marketing successfully.

Course Details

  • Course level- Beginners to Intermediate
  • Course Length
  • Course Cost $299
  • Course Delivery- Online Classes and Live Webinar
  • Completion- Certificate of Completion
  • Requirements- Complete Sign-Up Form (select group or single sign-up form after clicking below)